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The Winnipeg Real Estate Market has seen incredible growth over the past decade with homes selling quickly once they are placed on the market.

As market conditions change and the Winnipeg Real Estate market becomes a more balanced market it is essential to hire a realtor who spend the money necessary to have your home stand out from the competition. In the past it may have been enough to put up a sign and list the home on the MLS and wait for the buyers to come. I believe it is necessary to be proactive and find the buyers.

I am proud of my marketing plan which I believe to be the most comprehensive in the City of Winnipeg.

My commitment to marketing your property is what has helped me set many records for selling homes in neighbourhoods in Winnipeg.

By going above and beyond the normal expectations of agents in the city I am able to bring multiple buyers to the table and ensure that your house will sell for a premium compared to similar properties marketed by other agents.

We will sit down together and review recent comparable sales in your neighbourhood. I will use my experience to guide you on pricing, however I want to educate you at the same time with facts and recent market trends for your neighbourhood. There are many factors that go into pricing a home and I want to make sure that we develop a plan that is tailored to you, the home owner.

Prior to listing your home we will complete an extensive walk through. I will help you identify potential concerns that buyers may have and give you solutions to address these problems prior to them becoming an issue after you list your home. In addition I will guide you with staging your home so that we leave the best impression possible on potential buyers.